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Why undertake a career and/or life transformation?

Are you at a career and /or life crossroad, wondering, “Is this all there is to work and life?”.  Alternatively, you may be thinking as I was when I underwent my career and life transformation, “Is this what I was born to do in my career and life?”…

Do you feel stuck, boxed in, and blocked, and wish for a deeper, more meaningful, uplifting work and life?

Do you feel a lack of joy and passion for your work and life?

Would you like to overcome fears and confusion about your career, and learn how to finally create and be in the work and life that you love?

Do you feel that you were born to do more with your life?

Is your life just a series of repetitive tasks where you feel you are on a constant treadmill with no end in sight?

Do you question whether you will ever tap into your true life’s purpose?

Now, you can get clear about your new career and life direction with real and tested strategies that work.

Ricki has undertaken a number of career and life transformations during her lifetime and now provides guidance, direction and encouragement to her clients to feel calm, clear, and confident about a new vision for work and/or life.

For many people, undertaking a career and life change is a major event.  Ricki understands all the fears, frustrations and roadblocks that may be encountered in undertaking a career and life change.  She undertakes positive mind transformation work to help you reinvent your career and life with the highly transformative process she has developed through her own trials and errors.  All the work has been tested and and she will teach you practices for staying positive and motivated as you gain clarity about the work you would love to do in the world, the life you wish to live by taking strategic and systematic steps towards creating that vision for the future.

In doing so, you will reduce your stress, stay focused on reinventing yourself and craft the work and life that you genuinely desire.  You will develop a renewed bliss for life that you had forgotten ever existed.

All areas of your life are explored and the positive effects of transforming your career and/or life ultimately results in a transformed existence that is more fulfilling, satisfying and aligned with your higher purpose.

As a consequence of the work people undertake in this area, other aspects of their life eventually fall into place be it relationships, financial and health as you are working with the synchronicity that is life!

Please visit my online store to view the consultation packages that are available.

Further guidance and support can be gained by calling me on 0408 293 578 or on email at