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What do financial and lifestyle factors have to do with health?

At the core of all that is health, is stress.

Stress can arise due to a number of reasons and in many circumstances may be related to financial and lifestyle issues.

Stress is an insidious factor that has pervaded our modern society.

The rising cost of living has placed significant pressure on families to do more with less.  This has impacted on family life to make ends meet while still struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The advent of technology, has made it easier than ever before to work longer hours, work from home, and be constantly connected.

A Medibank Report dated August 2008, noted that workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year.  Although this report is a little dated, I have highlighted it here as stress in the workplace continues to be a growing concern for employees and employers in Australia. Figures show that while compensation claims made by Australian employees fell significantly between 1996 and 2004, the number of stress related claims almost doubled.

Workplace stress can also impact employee productivity through increased absenteeism and presenteeism imposing a direct economic cost not only on the employee but on employers.

I work with employees and employers to devise creative solutions to circumvent financial and lifestyle stress.  In some cases, it can be as easy as putting together a budget to be able to plan better. In other cases, it may involve restructuring finances in order to be better placed to focus on living a healthier lifestyle for long term health.  Sometimes it’s a simple matter of sitting down with you and having a confidential discussion to gain an understanding of the lifestyle factors that are impacting on your stress.  What may be evident to me in 5 minutes may not be evident to a stressed out individual living in the thick of it all.

I conduct one-on-one bioindividual consultations.  Skype is also available. I have clients locally in Melbourne, nationally across Australia and internationally.

All discussions are confidential and life changing.

Please call me on 0408 293 578 to arrange a confidential discussion or email me on