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Tricki Ricki!!! You are an informative knowledge sharer!!!  I walked out with so much information, clearer and informed on moving forward!  Very empowering session! Thank You !!!!

SP, Professional & Single Dad of 1


Ricki’s sessions were amazing.  She is great with children.  She has a passion to get to the root cause of all problems.  My daughter related to her well, and found her sessions fun and relaxing having been through the medico roundabout with her autism diagnosis.  I am very grateful for her advice that was so broad and varied connecting the body, mind and spirit.  She provided me with the roadmap that I needed to get me from A – Z and introduced me to some key contacts that have had a significant impact of progressing things forward from a health perspective. Amazing roadmap!  I keep telling her she needs to write a book!

AM, Professional & Mum of 3 kids


Ricki, hard to believe we met 20 years ago.  I had always relied on you for advice through our work connection, and it was only recently that I reached out after the passing of my wife.. The grief and loss was unbearable and I am so grateful for your assistance.  I found your sessions uplifting, purposeful and joyful.  Loved learning about past life regression analysis and the afterlife that has given me comfort at a time when I was feeling empty, lost and joyless.  I now have hope of meeting my love again in the afterlife.  Blessings to you Ricki.

SM, Retired & Grandfather of 6


The great thing about Ricki is that she has a grasp on the issues at hand as soon as you walk through her door!  I had just split up with my wife of 20 years when I saw Ricki 4 months post break up.  It was very raw, and she was able to show me that I had closed off my heart to the world due to the betrayal that I had experienced.  The heart connections sessions were amazing.  I could feel the energy flowing through my heart.  Truly transformational.  Although I never expected it, I was in a new relationship one year after my break up.  I was able to fast track my healing which meant I was able to open up the door to love sooner rather than later. 

TR, Professional & Single Dad of 1


Amazing, amazing, amazing.  Not enough words to express how thankful I am for your assistance at a time in my life where my relationship had broken down and I had nowhere to turn to.  I was not prepared for the transformation that was to happen at a time in my life where I was at an all time low.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Ricki (nearly 2 decades of therapy work).

OL, Professional and Single Mum of 1


Loved my one-on-one session with you Ricki.  The energy was amazing, looking out your amazing relaxing green garden.  In one session, you were able to highlight to me lifetime issues of co-dependence that I had been experiencing.  This had always had a negative effect on my relationships as I always spiralled out of control with my expectations of others leaving me to experience the lows when I felt my expectations were not met.  You identified for me the cycle of “victim” mentality I was in.  Once I was able to see this, I committed to being the survivor, leaving my traumas and victim mentality behind and moving forward rather than backwards.  One session with you was enough for me to clear a massive roadblock that I had carried all my life which had held me back in many areas of my life. Endless Love To You xxxxxxx

LP, Business Owner and Mum of 5


Having had both our children diagnosed with autism was quite overwhelming, mainly because of the fact that on many occasions we weren’t directed by health care professionals with the best possible options of where to go for the needed help.  

So I’d just like to thank you so much for all your caring and honest advice which has helped us not only on an individual level, but also as a family.  Learning about options such as the right approach to use with our children has really helped us to bridge that gap between our world and the autistic world, and helped our children to step back into our world so to speak, so that they’re better equipped and able to flourish despite the pressures they face at school and especially at other times when they’re in social settings.  

We’ve also benefited so much from your direction on nutritional options, that with just some minor yet needed adjustments in what we eat, we have already witnessed the amazingly healthful benefits.  

And lastly, after being discouraged with our children’s primary education, we were one step away from homeschooling again, yet this was a concern for us as autism is a social relational condition, and taking them away from a social setting such as school was a real concern for us.   We weren’t expecting the help and direction in this area, but once again you stepped up to forward all your specialised knowledge in this area onto us so we had an option to work with that has been one of the best moves we’ve made.  

School is where our children spend so much of their time, and if we had’ve made the wrong move in this area, it could have really adversely affected them for the rest of their lives.

Thanks so much for all your well rounded health care direction and educational support guidance, we really appreciate it so much. 

SJ, Mum of two autistic kids 


I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and anxiety about ten years ago.  I saw Ricki recently after having been through the medico roundabout for years and years and not having been able to get clear guidance on a way forward on improving my health that did not involve medications and countless number of days off work that was starting to impact on my finances.  

I recall walking out of my first session with Ricki and thinking that I had a sense of clarity about my situation that I had not been able to gain previously.  Having seen a number of different therapists, doctors, counsellors, you name it I saw it, she seemed to be able to gain an understanding of where I was at fairly quickly to enable to put some strategies in place to address my issues assertively and constructively.

She took a thorough history which included also an understanding of lifestyle factors (work, relationships and life) and was able to bring it all together to understand where I was at.  I got the immediate that she understood exactly the hurdles that I had faced and the impact that it had on my life.  

She was able to communicate to me some of the fundamental blocks that I was experiencing, where no other professional that I had seen previously was able to do in such a complete way.

I immediately signed up for the 3 month coaching package and have not looked back since.

I feel that I have taken my power back in life, and my anxiety is almost non-existent!!!

Thanks Ricki so much all your help! I wish I had found you 10 years ago!!!

VR, Accountant & Single Mum of One


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are a breath of fresh air.  Your inspiring attitude has giving me strength during some of the darkest times that I have faced recently. I am forever grateful for your guidance and advice at times when I didn’t know where to turn and felt lost, stressed and overwhelmed with it all.

ML, Scientist & Mum of Two


I remember the first time I came to see you and I immediately had a sense of clarity on my future work direction after just one session.  I had been looking for a career change for ten years!!!   Ten sessions and 6 months later, I was in a new job, enthused and felt like I had a new lease on life.  This had an immediate effect on my life and my relationships which were suffering as a consequence of me feeling a lack of joy in my life.  You gave me the tools to increase my self-confidence to explore options that I would not have previously explored with regards to work.

SE, Administration Officer 


I have great respect and admiration for Ricki, and the work that she does.  She is so generous in the sharing of her knowledge and her excitement for life is amazing.  She contributes so much and is passionate about raising the vibration of love in the world so that the world is a better place for our children to live in.  She inspires with her daily posts and is passionate about children.  I love her focus and follow her Helping Children Learn and Thrive Facebook Page which is full of amazing advice and learnings.   

MW, Mum of Three